Commercial Litigation

My Commercial Litigation work can take place under the public scrutiny of the High Court or the anonymity of Arbitration, with my clients encouraged to enter mediation prior to a final hearing in both scenarios. Many of these cases have a financial element and I can assist in the calculation of the value of the damages as part of the litigation itself or assess financial stability in a Security for Costs Application.

My experience covers all aspects of commercial litigation in industry sectors ranging from aviation to utilities and everything in between. I will work within your team or directly support your Expert Accountant to prepare reports for Claimants or Respondents, or calculations for use in mediation discussions.

Financial Crime

My work in Financial Crime covers a multitude of areas from fraud, in all its different guises, to bribery and corruption, insider trading and money laundering. The work is often high profile due to the publicity surrounding criminal cases, so my sensitivity and discretion are critical.

I’ve worked for both prosecuting authorities and as part of criminal defence teams so can consider all aspects of every argument and offer a robust and balanced perspective.

Business Valuations

My Business Valuation work is usually within litigation and could cover issues including the valuation of a departing shareholder’s interest, breaches of warranty following an acquisition and valuations required as part of matrimonial proceedings.

I’ve assisted in Expert Determinations through the ICAEW President’s Appointment Scheme and prepared valuations of both single entities and interconnected groups covering a wide variety of business sectors.

Internal Investigation

My Internal Investigations work spans allegations of fraud or bribery and potential business mismanagement or market misinformation. Whatever the nature of the allegation, there is always the potential for damage to a company’s reputation and ensuing issues around staff morale.

I’ve worked on a number of investigations in several jurisdictions as part of multi-disciplinary teams. My experience includes not only analysis of financial data but also planning and leading interviews, document reviews and reporting the findings to the relevant business stakeholders.

If you need support with any of the above, please contact me.