• Have you just been briefed on a big case?
  • Is your team already overloaded?
  • Could you do with some expert freelance forensic accounting help?

I’m Rowan Thompson, a freelance independent forensic acountant. I work in forensic teams or internal investigation teams within accounting firms, law firms and companies.

My main areas of expertise are Commercial Litigation, Financial Crime, Business Valuations and Internal Investigations.


Why do my clients use me time and time again?

  • I will read, absorb and process the large volume of information associated with litigation or an investigation, pick out the key parts and, throughout the case, retrieve relevant facts and information
  • I’m a creative thinker, able to explore and interrogate ideas, inspect weaknesses in my own arguments and make all solutions watertight
  • I’m always calm under pressure and have the experience and breadth of knowledge to suggest plans B, C and D if plan A doesn’t come to fruition
  • If you need support with any of the above, please contact me.